2018-10-29 10:47 Author:Casey 198

Here's my review of the HS700. I'm by no means an expert or anything. This is my second drone that I've owed/flew.

First impressions: The box was very nice with great images of the product and lots of info about the drone and has a carrying handle to boot.

HS700 Package.jpg

Opening the product: The drone was very well packaged and did have some minor assembly required (landing gear, camera/camera mount, and attaching the props). The drone itself felt like it was made of a sturdy plastic and was light weight, but not too light weight to make it feel cheap. The remote feels like it's made with the same materials and is ergonomic in hands. The phone holder is great. It grips my Galaxy Note 8 with full case on it and feels very secure. It also has a very nice battery explosion bag to place charging or charged batteries in for safety. Only major downfall I had was there was only one battery, no on/off switch on the drone itself, a launch/landing mat, and (after reading the instructions fully) a 5 hour charge time.

First flight: After completing the Configuration and downloading the Ophelia app, all I can say is this is the EASIEST drone to fly, ESPECIALLY for BEGINNERS!!! The controls are smooth and the drone is pretty agile, but not too fast to feel out of control. The camera has amazing video and camera quality, not as good as let's say DJI, but for the price, it's great. The Ophelia app is amazing easy to use. It has different view modes, return to home, follow me mode, camera/video controls, take off and land, and rotate. It also gives the Google map of the controller and drone locations. It let's you know distance and height of flight and how many Satellites you are currently connected to while in GPS mode. You connect with the drone via WiFi signal from the drone and the app let's you know your connection status. When you are a good distance away from the phone/controller, the camera can become a little laggy, but it's not horrible. The app is perfect for this particular drone. The drone handles great in wind as well, which is a plus where I live since it's always windy in the Texas Panhandle. Not being able to adjust the camera while in flight is a bummer, but as long as you have it set at a good angle, it's does the job just fine.
FPV of HS700.jpg

Latest flight: the video is quite long and I flew after the sunset to see the video quality in low light and to try out some night flying. I pushed my skills limits with this flight. I did full bank turns, figure 8s, quick direct changes, full speed forward and reverse and finally height. I took this drone to 85 meters up before my battery dropped to low and the drone started to panic for low voltage. I will be pushing this limit further after a full charge. I'm 100% comfortable with this drone and would highly recommend it. I know that the $330 price tag seems steep for a drone the is classified as a child's toy, but I truly feel that you won't be disappointed with this drone. I believe I touched on everything.

FPV of HS700 2.jpg