HS190 Foldable Super Mini Drone

HS190 Foldable Mini Nano RC Drone for Kids Gift Portable Pocket Quadcopter with Altitude Hold 3D Flips and Headless Mode Easy to Fly for Beginners.

  • Altitude Hold Function: Powerful air pressure altitude hold function allows you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovers at it's current height.

  • Foldable and Easy to Carry: This mini quadcopter can be folded into the controller, which is small and easy to carry.

  • One Key Take off / Landing: Drone automatically hovers at a set altitude after take-off and before landing making it easy to control and maneuver, especially for beginners who are not yet skilled.

  • Headless Mode and One Key Return: Enable players of any level to fly and operate the drone easily; One Key Return: press this button in Headless Mode, the drone will automatically come back to you.

  • High-Speed Rotation: New and interesting function. The drone can do 360° circle and fly at high speeds, offering you a special and exciting feeling.


Holy Stone HS190 Mini RC Drone 2.4Ghz 6-Axis gyro Nano Quadcopter with Altitude Hold, 3D Flips, and Headless Mode for Beginners

1. Mini Size: Small and palm-sized provide a better and safer flight experience.

2. Foldable and Portable: It can be folded making it very portable.

3. Altitude Hold Function: When you release the throttle stick, the drone stays hovering at the current height.

4. High-Speed Rotation: It can spin at a high speed like a dancer with its small body.

5. 3D Flip:Cool flips make flying interesting. It can roll in different directions. (Forward, backward, left, right). In the headless mode, 3D Flips can’t be activated.

6. One Button Take off/Landing:Simply press the button and the drone will take off automatically; Press it again and it will land slowly on the ground.

7.Headless Mode: The orientation of the drone is in relation to the pilot.

8.One Key Return: Press one button and the drone will fly back to the location of the controller.

9.3 Speed Adjustment: 3-speed modes from low to high suitable for both beginners and experts.

10.LED Lighting System: Equipped with LED navigation lights and remote control indicator lights for night flights.

11.2 Ways to Charge: Except when using a USB cable to charge batteries, there is a built-in small charging cable in the controller, which is much more convenient to carry the drone out and not worry about power.


Altitude Hold

The drone can still stay hovering when your hands are off the controll. Super easy to control for begginers!


Headless Mode

Under headless mode, the farward direction will always be the direction you faced when you paired the drone.


Easy to Charge

You may connect it to an adaptor or computer to charge it; when you at outdoor, you may connect it to the controller to charge it.


3D Flips

The drone can do flips in 4 directions. All toddelers love the tricks. Keep your kids busy with the endless fun of flying drones.


High Speed Rotation

Capable of stunts like 360° flips in-flight, high-speed rotations, and various flight movements for wonderful actions. Surprise your friends!


One Key Return

With the press of a button (return to home) in Headless Mode, the drone will fly back to the direction of the transmitter. You need to stop it by yourself.


3 Speed Modes

It has 3 switchable speed modes: Low / Medium / High Speed, help you to practice your flying skills step by step, so that you can go from a beginner to an expert gradually.


Foldable and Easy to Carry

This mini quadcopter can be folded into the controller, which is small and easy to carry.


Unlock Propellers

Propellers are defaultly locked. Only after unlocking propellers, they will start spinning, which can prevent kids from starting the drone accidentally.

3 (1).jpg


23.2 g
Dimension:91x55x29 mm
Flight Time: 5~7 minutes 
Charging Time:30~40 minutes
Transmitter Range:50 m

1* HS190 Quadcopter; 1* 2.4GHz Controller; 4* Spare Propellers; 4* Propellers Guards; 1* Propellers Crowbar; 1* USB Charger; 1* Screwdriver; 1* User Manual

What's the highlight of HS190?

The HS190 is a nano drone that can be stored in the remote controller. It has auto-hovering, auto-rotation, 3D-flips, and 3-speed modes to have fun anywhere, anytime.

Where is the hs190 suitable for flying?

The HS190 is more suitable for flying indoors.

Does this drone require the user to reconnect the gyro sensors each time the motor stops?

No, You don't need to reconnect the drone to controller or calibrate the gyro each time the motor stops.