HS900 Photography Enthusiast Drone

HS900:Photography Enthusiast Drone

Level 5 Wind Resistant
Sony COMS Sensor Camera:4K@30fps / 3-Axis Gimbal+EIS
Brushless Motor / Support GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and other navigation systems

20000FT (6KM) Image Transmission Range
 Capture the stunning moments, all in the view of the HS900 unmanned aerial vehicle.


Gimbal & EIS

6 KM

Wifi Repeater
Image Transmission


Sony COMS Sensor Camera

Level 5 

Wind Resistant


Support the Charging Manager


Lightweight But Mighty

Featured with Holy Stone’s latest design, Holy Stone HS900 GPS 4K Drone weighs only 249 grams (8.7 ounces); Holy Stone HS900 Drone with Camera doesn’t need FAA registration or a Remote ID registration in the States. Enjoy pure thrill of flying and total freedom!


20,000FT Long Range Transmission

With the Holy Stone Upgraded Intelligent Control System, the Holy Stone HS900, drones with camera for adults 4K, gets 20,000 Feet (6KM) max transmission range to reliably fly further and capture more. Compared to Wi-Fi connection, Holy Stone Control System is significantly stronger, offering enhanced transmission and stronger anti-interference compatibility.


Extraordinary Control System

hanks to Holy Stone advanced Control System, no complex preparation is needed. Effortlessly control the Holy Stone HS900 drone's movements with simple operations; Enjoy a breathtaking perspective. Even beginners can fly confidently and with ease.


4K EIS Camera

Holy Stone HS900, Drone with Camera coming with SONY 1/2.3 CMOS Sensor, f/2.6 Aperture and a 48MP 4K Camera, is capable of shooting 48MP Photo and 4K/30FPS 1080P/60FPS Video. Captures your world in remarkable details with Holy Stone HS900.


Visual Tracking Follow

The Holy Stone Enhanced GPS Positioning System ensures Holy Stone HS900 GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K accurate Visual Tracking, Holy Stone HS900’s enhanced GPS capabilities and return-home feature contribute to steady and crystal clear aerial shots, making the GPS Drone with Camera return to its takeoff point with simplified operations.


Keep on Upgrading

All firmware of Holy Stone HS900 GPS Drones with Camera for Adults 4K supports OTA, and Holy Stone will keep improving the functions and features of Holy Stone HS900 4K Drone with Camera to help you enjoy the ever-improving flight experience and shooting quality. Contact Holy Stone anytime if you have any drone issues. Holy Stone support is always available to assist you with the drone issue.

Capture amazing pictures

3-Axis Gimbal & EIS Dual Image Stabilization + 4K Sony CMOS Sensor Camera + High Performance Brushless Motor.

The many advanced functions of this drone not only can guarantee extraordinary flight stability, but also can capture amazing 4K videos and high-quality 48MP static photos.

The Sony CMOS sensor further enhances the clarity of the scene, making it the preferred choice for drone enthusiasts and aerial photography enthusiasts.

By using this highly cost-effective drone, it can greatly expand your creative space.

You can rest assured that you will also enjoy top-notch after-sales service support that is timely, efficient, professional, friendly and responsible.


HS900 upgrades innovations from all angles to make life infinitely possible.

In terms of design, we elaborate on it and strive to make it lightweight and portable, with simple operation, allowing you to enjoy the pleasure of flying anytime and anywhere.

In terms of performance, it has also undergone a comprehensive upgrade. The advanced flight control system ensures the stability and safety of the flight, and can fly stably whether in a gentle breeze or in a complex environment.

HS900 is not only an aircraft, but also a tool for you to explore and create. It encourages you to dare to challenge yourself, explore the unknown with the spirit of daring to fly, and bloom the light of life.

Whether you are a photography enthusiast, an explorer, or an ordinary user, HS900 will bring you a brand-new experience and unlimited fun.


The key to smooth flight: Revealing the stability system of HS900

It has super stable flight ability, which can remain stable even in a complex environment, allowing you to shoot smooth and stable pictures.

The wide view of FOV 83°, allows you to shoot a wider picture, showing a grand scene.

The aperture f/2.6 ensures a good amount of light intake, making the photos and videos taken brighter and clearer.

It will take you to enjoy different scenery and create unforgettable video memory.


charging manager and QC3.0 fast charging

Supports Charging Manager to make your charging process more convenient and efficient. Intelligent management of drone batteries can be easily achieved without cumbersome operations.

Not only that, this drone also supports the QC3.0 fast charging technology, which greatly shortens the charging time, allowing you to quickly get into the wonderful flight and not miss every wonderful moment.

In terms of functions, it includes multiple features such as charging, discharging, and storage discharge maintenance. The efficient charging function ensures that the drone is always in the best state and ready to take off at any time.

The discharging function ensures the stable performance of the drone during flight, making your shooting more smooth. And the storage discharge maintenance function effectively extends the service life of the battery and increases the reliability of the device.

It will bring you a pleasant flight experience and allow you to fully capture the beautiful scenery and wonderful moments in the sky.

In short, this drone that supports the charging manager, QC3.0 fast charging, and combines charging, discharging, and storage discharge maintenance functions is undoubtedly the ideal choice for you to pursue an excellent aerial photography experience.


Advanced OTA technology

HS900, an excellent product with advanced OTA technology.

It adopts OTA wireless technology, allowing you to easily upgrade or change the firmware version without the need for physical access.

In just a few minutes, you can upload the new firmware wirelessly and quickly enjoy the latest functions and optimizations.

Convenience: No need for complex physical operations, saving time and energy.

Real-time updates: Get the latest firmware version at any time to maintain the excellent performance of the drone.

Safety: Wireless upgrades reduce the risks brought about by physical connections.

Masterful Shot Modes for Every Occasion


One-key Ascension (bird's eye) & Catapult

Ensure the drone is at least 7 ft away from the target. Adjust the camera angle to point directly at the target. 

Tap (Multi-functions), then (One-key Ascension). Swipe in the prompt box to confirm. The drone will start recording and ascend to 49 ft. Afterwards, it will fly back to the starting point. 

To Exit: Tap (One-key Ascension) again or push the right joystick.


Ensure the drone is at least 7 ft away from the target. Adjust the camera angle to point directly at the target. 

Tap the (Multi-functions) icon, then the (Catapult) icon. Swipe in the prompt box to confirm. The drone will automatically start recording and fly about 82 ft away from the target. 

To Exit: Tap the (Catapult) icon again or push the right joystick to exit this function.

HS900 Real Shots






HS900 Photography Enthusiast Drone SPECS


Model: HS900

Weight: 246.64g/8.7oz 

Max Flight Time: 30 minutes (per battery)

Operating Temperature Range: 

Size: 143 × 82.8 × 62 mm (Folded)

 167.4 × 217.8 × 62 mm (Unfolded)


Capacity: 2250mAh

Voltage: 7.7V

Battery Type: Li-Po

Energy: 17.32Wh

Charging Temperature Range: 

Charging Time: 


Operating Frequency: 2.402-2.478GHz

Transmitter Power (EIRP): <16dBm

Flight Distance: 20000 feet/6000 m (outdoor and 


Battery Type: 3.7V 3900mAh Li-Po Battery

Mobile Device Holder: 4.7˝ to 6.5˝ Smart Phones

Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 104°F

Charging Time: Fastest 80 minutes (5.0V/3.0A; 9.0V/2.0A, supporting QC3.0)


Voltage: 5V 3A

Rated Power: ≤15W


 Stabilization: 3-axis 

 Machanical Range: Tilt: about -100° to +70°

 Roll: about -35° to +35°

 Controllable Range: Adjusted angle of camera (up and down): 

 about -80° to +0°


 Operating Frequency: 5.15 ~ 5.35GHz , 5.725 ~ 5.825GHz

Photo Resolution: 8192×4608/3840×2160P 

Video Resolution: FHD:1920*1080(1080P 60fps) UHD:3840*2160( 4K 30fps)

Transmission Distance: 20000 feet/6000 m (outdoor and 


 Lens: FOV:100°

 Equivalent Focal Length: 60cm

 Focus range: Fixed-focus 

 Anti-shake Function: Available

Max Live View Bitrate: 30fps

Photo Formats: JPEG 

Video Formats: AVI/MP4 

Supported TF Cards: Supports a TF Card (CLass10/U1 and above) 

 with capacity of up to 128 GB (Not included)

Supported File Systems: FAT32

Operating Temperature Range: 32° to 104°F

HS900 Photography Enthusiast Drone IN THE BOX


Latest Version

1* Mini SE unmanned aerial vehicle

1* P2 remote controller

1* lithium battery (7.7V 2250mAh Greep)

1* charging cable

1* screwdriver

8* propeller blades

2* remote controller connection cables (iOS and type-c)

1* gimbal protective cover

1* disclaimer

1* quick guide

1* manual

1* backpack

1* color box

1* battery warning card

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