Drone Gift Guide: Embracing the Trend of Drones as a Unique Gift

2023-10-25 15:44 Author:Holy Stone 0

Drone technology is gaining popularity as a go-to gift choice. 

If you're new to drones and wondering, "Which drone is best? What drones should I buy?" 

– the answer isn't one-size-fits-all. Our advice is to choose a drone that matches your needs, budget, and intended use. 

We want to make drone flying accessible to everyone, emphasizing enjoyment over having the most expensive model. 

Here are some insights from Holy Stone users that can help you select the perfect drone, whether for yourself or as a gift:

Insights from Holy Stone users (Drone for Fun)

BK246: "With the HS720E, the benefits - aside from how much fun it is to fly - are the absolutely stunning videos and still photos that I've been able to take with each flight." 

Amazon Customer: "The kids already have ideas of pics and video locations they want shots from and even the wife wants video of this thing following us in tracking mode on the quad. ... Our family will get years of unique memories recorded on this machine." 

Travis Burgemeister:"I take this drone everywhere I go and fly it all the time very fun."

Brandon Booker: "i went near water videoing ducks"

Mr. E: "I recently retired and after watching some drone video's on YouTube, I decided to buy one. I have never owned or operated any RC vehicle in my life (I'm over 60). After some online shopping I settled on the HS 175D as a starter. My first flight was short and ended in a dirt crash. My second flight was at a park and went beautifully. I had a ton of fun and can't wait to get it back into the air. I'm thinking of suggesting this to a couple of retired former coworkers so we can meet at the park and have some races. That should keep us out of trouble and out of our wives hair."

Gregg Fastring: "I just want to enjoy flying around & capturing images from unique higher perspectives. This model is an absolute pleasure to fly & it captures the images I want with ease!"

Shannon:"I like that the drone is easy to fly and have fun with my grandson!"

bordar024: "The 3 speeds are nice. Beginners can start out low and work up. Advanced flyers have options. I usually use 1 for inside, precise control, 2 is good for both outside and in and 3 is fast for outdoor racing. I bought 2 for myself and 3 for friends."

Blake Cutrell: "My kids and I have lived playing with this drone, it is very accurate for the size and price and flies quite well."

W. Johnson:"So I just went to a family reunion and there's a ton of kids and adults there. I bought a bunch of these hoping people would use it when we get racism and play with them a lot even with the kids slamming them in the walls."

marinfrs: "If you’re looking for a drone to just a goof around inside the house, this one is perfect."

LeeAnne Valentine: "I absolutely loved it! It was kind of like playing a video game, but in real life."

Paddy Wagstaff: "Enjoy flying with my grandson. We use it to scout our farm land for animals."

Geoffrey A Bernard: "This drone got me started in the recreation"

Dawn: "Hubby loves his new toy. Had to get daughter to get it going after we tried. It's nice and the case is as well."

Gtibuildingsolutions: "I use this product for recreation basically teaching my grandkids how to fly drones"

Alexander: "I just like to zip around the yard with it and do some flybys, this would be perfect for a park flyer too!"

gerald c crowell: "At 71, I still felt the excitement of something new and different as well as the challenge of keeping the drone in flight and not in the woods."

Chuong-Thao: "We have a blast flying indoor, even my dogs entertained by this mini drone."

In these user insights, we can clearly see that different individuals have varied needs and expectations, making the selection of the right drone critically important. Based on this valuable feedback from users, let's dive into specific drone recommendations tailored to these diverse needs and preferences.

Ⅰ: Drone for Fun
Recommended UserDrone Type Recommended Use

For Kids,

Family reunion,

Recreational Flyers,

Pet Owners.

Mini Drone ($40 or less)

HS190HS210HS210F (Indoor)

These drones are safe and easy for all ages, providing quality family entertainment and creating cherished memories.

Suitable for kids and family gatherings:  unique gift for kids, family gatherings and pets, drone for beginners.

Mini Camera Drone ($50-80)

HS420, HS430  (Indoor)

For teenager, 


Casual Flyers

Camera Drone ($70-110)

HS440,HS110DHS280, HS260 

(Around House, Yard, Garden, Park)

As well as promoting leisure and relaxation, these drones also promote mental well-being and stress relief, encourage more adventure and outdoor exploration, and enhance retirement life.

For Teens, Leisure Flyers, Retirees and Senior Citizens: unique gifts for fun, gift for father, gift for young, gift for teen, gift for boy

GPS  Camera Drone ($150-170)

HS440D, HS110GHS175D 

(Around House, Yard, Garden, Park)

Recreational Flyers,

Outdoor enthusiast, 

Aerial Photography 


4K Camera Drone+GPS ($150-$250)

HS360S, HS710,HS720 (Outdoors)

As a result of their exceptional flight performance, these drones could capture high-quality photos and videos that enhance outdoor enthusiasts' experiences, add joy to outdoor activities, 

create unique aerial photos of nature.

Suitable for recreational flyers and photography enthusiasts, gift for outdoors, gift for drone 

hobbyist, drone for fishing, hiking, and kayaking.

4K Camera Drone+GPS,EIS ($260-340)

HS700E, HS720E  (Outdoors)

4K Camera Drone+GPS, EIS, Gimbal


HS720G, HS720RHS600 (Outdoors)