2800mAh Battery
Double Flight Time

Supported by the 2800mAh cartridge shape battery, HS700 Ophelia can fly up to 20 minutes* to enjoy more voyages and record more landscape, while common drones usually fly 8 minutes.

*The battery life is measured on condition without camera. Actual flight time varies depending on the environment and flight mode.

FHD Camera
Get Memorable Shots

With the professional camera on HS700 Ophelia, you can not only take pictures with more details but also get smoother and more stable video of 1080p to restore the real moments in your life.

1080 P

FOV 110°

Adjustable 90°

Compatible With
Other Cameras

See The World Through Bird’s Eyes

HS700 Ophelia uses the new enhanced 5G WiFi FHD video transmission, and the transmission distance is up to 400 meters. It can bring you a near real-time image display, allows you to fly higher and farther.

Brushless Motor
Super Flying Experience

HS700 Ophelia is equipped with 2204 1500KV brushless motor, with lower noise and stronger power, and its aerodynamic structure, lightweight body, slick design also significantly increased flight stability. Ophelia reaches speed of 25 km/h, and up to 60 km/h when flying downwind.

Follow Me Mode on
GPS System

Enjoy your leisure time, HS700 Ophelia always flies side by side. 

With the GPS system, HS700 Ophelia can follow the remote controller automatically to record your happy time.

Intelligent Functions Make Your Flight Simple

Return To Home

Altitude Hold

Custom Flight Path

Low Power Alarm

Also Suitable For Beginners & Amateurs

Headless Mode

LED Light

One Key Lift / Land

One Key

APP Control

User-friendly interactive interface, intelligent flight can be realized with just one click. You can also manually set the flying height, flying distance, and the flying radius, so that Ophelia only listens to you.

HS700 FPV Drone with GPS, Black SPECS

Weight:370 g

Size:220 x 220 x 155 mm

Motor:Brushless Motor 2204 1500kV

Max Flight Height:120 m

Max Flight Distance:800-1000 m  

Max Flight Speed:25 km/h

Max Flight Time:20 min

Operating Temperature Range:0℃-40℃

SD card:Support

Remote Controller

Remote Control Range:1 km

Transmission Frequency:2.4 GHz

Controller Battery: 1.5 V AA x 4

   WiFi Mode

WiFi Live Stream Range: 400 m

WiFi Live Stream Frequency: 5 GHz


Effective Pixels: 2 MP 1080p

Lens:120° Wide-angle

Gimbal:90° Manually Adjustable

Photo Size:1920 x 1080

Video Resolution:1080P@25fps

Drone Battery

Battery Capacity:2800 mAh

Battery Type:Li-po Battery

Voltage:7.4 V

Energy:2.775 Wh

Battery Weight:≤149 g

Charging Time:7 h

Charging Temperature Range:5℃-40℃


IOS 8.0+

Android 4.3+

HS700 FPV Drone with GPS, Black IN THE BOX


Drone HS700 Ophelia x 1; Remote Controller x 1; Drone Battery x 1; Propeller x 8; Landing Gear x 2; Camera x 1; Camera Mat x 1; Phone Holder x 1; Balance Charger x 1; Charge Transfer Box x 1; USB Cable x 1; Screwdriver x 1; Propeller Spanner x 1; Explosion-Proof Bag x 1; Manual x 1

HS700 FPV Drone with GPS, Black DOWNLOAD

APP / Live View


HS700 FPV Drone with GPS, Black FAQ
  • How to fly it?

    Please download the manual or please feel free to contact us.
Usual Flying FAQ
  • Why can't it fly?

    Please download the manual or please feel free to contact us.