A Unique Christmas Gift Package for Parents, Holy Stone Drone for Seniors

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【Why Did We Launch the Drone for Senior Parents Package?】 

In the fast-evolving world of technology, drones have become more than just gadgets for tech enthusiasts. Contrary to common belief, the senior community has shown a remarkable interest in drone technology, contributing to a significant 25% of drone purchases in the last decade—surpassing the 14% of the 18-35 age group (Internal Holy Stone Data).

Originally intended as a unique birthday/Christmas gift for senior fathers, drones aimed to bring them a distinctive experience. The allure of drones, however, far exceeded expectations. As articulated by Gerald C. Crowell, a vibrant 71-year-old in his Amazon review: "At 71, I still felt the excitement of something new and different as well as the challenge of keeping the drone in flight and not in the woods."

Recent trends indicate that in the past few years, an increasing number of seniors have delved into the world of drones, transforming it into a newfound hobby. They use this small flying device to reignite their passion for life. Drones not only provide the thrill of flight but also open up a unique perspective on life. Seniors are captivated by capturing the beauty of seasonal changes, immersing themselves in the brilliance of early sunrises and sunsets. Using drones to observe ducks frolicking in park lakes, birds soaring through the skies, and lively animals on farms has become an integral part of their daily lives.

What's even more remarkable is that these aerial enthusiasts are not merely passive observers. Drones have actively integrated them into a vast community. They engage with like-minded individuals, sharing their flying experiences and stories. This connection not only enriches their daily leisure but also fuels their desire to explore the unknown. In this process, drones become more than just gadgets; they serve as bridges connecting people, nature, and life.

Holy Stone is delighted to witness the positive impact our drones have had on the senior community. What started as thoughtful gifts has now evolved into a proactive choice for seniors to embrace the world of drones as a source of entertainment and leisure.

At Holy Stone, we're overjoyed to witness the positive impact our drones have had on the senior community. Our vision is all about inspiring and empowering people of all ages to explore their curiosities and passions, and that includes our senior friends. We've made sure to provide them with user-friendly drones, along with detailed videos, written guides, and manuals to make their drone experience a breeze. And if they ever need assistance, our 24-hour service team is always ready to help.

Whether you prefer reaching out by phone, chat, email, WhatsApp, or any other way, all consumers and those interested can connect with us and receive prompt and effective support. "Dare to fly, soar to live" is more than just a slogan; it's a promise from Holy Stone. We're dedicated not only to creating drones that are easy to use but also to helping others discover the joy of drone flight and explore the limitless possibilities of the sky. And yes, that includes our wonderful seniors. Remember, age has never been a barrier—it's an invitation.

【Senior Parents Drone Package】 

In the festive month of December, bursting with holiday cheer, we proudly unveil the "Drone for Senior" package – undeniably one of the best Christmas gifts for dads in 2024. 

This exclusive package features the HS210F and a 4K adult Camera drone with GPS.
When you enter the corresponding package code during checkout, you'll receive the HS210F for free.
Plus, the GPS model is available at a festive discount ranging from 30-50%. Please check the purchase page for precise pricing details, and don't forget to apply any in-store coupons if available.

There are three package options available:

Package A: HS720G+HS210F】    

Click the package title to go to the purchase page. Enjoy a $80 Coupon for HS720G Now, remember to enter the code " P6MC5WL2 " at checkout for a free HS210F!

Drone for Senior Parents Package A 90 coupon.jpg

HS720G Drone Highlights:

1. GPS Intelligent Flight Assist: Experience precision and stability with advanced GPS technology. The operation is simple and beginner-friendly, eliminating concerns about losing the drone. The smart return-to-home feature is truly astonishing, ensuring a worry-free flying experience.

2. Dual Image Stabilization: Equipped with a 2-axis Gimbal and Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) technology for smooth, shake-free footage.

3. 4K@30fps Sony COMS Sensor Camera: Capture stunning high-resolution images and videos with the powerful Sony Sensor Camera.

4. Powerful Brushless Motors: Soar through the skies effortlessly with powerful brushless motors, ensuring stability and control.

Seize Nature's Beauty and Embark on senior parents’ Daily Exploration with HS720G!

Ideal Usage Scenarios,

A. For Travel Enthusiast and Nature Explorer: Capture Rolling Desert Bliss, Canyon's Grandeur Sunset, Misty Forest Wander, Thunderin' Waterfall, Endless Road Vibes, Lakeside Fishing Boat, Sunlit Mountains and Rivers, etc

B. For Daily Leisure: Capture City Lights at Night, Farm Sunrise and Sunset, Park's Playful Ducks, Thrillin' Sports Moments, Gathering Happy, Autumnal Forest Stroll, The silver-clad riverbank, Bike Ride or Hiking Scenes, etc.

Insights from Holy Stone users (HS720G)


Charles: Since retiring 2 years ago I've played with and crashed quite a few budget drones. Sometimes it was me but most of the time It was a just a confused drone gone rouge. This HS720G drone does what I tell it to instead of a mind of it's own. I love that it sets steady on gps lock and it's a little heavier so it does well in higher winds. All the functions actually work. The 2 axis gimbal keeps pictures steady. For the price this is an outstanding pic.

lynks14: This was my first introduction into drones and I couldn't be happier with such a great purchase. After extensive research and reviews I landed on the Holy Stone drone and was not disappointed. The setup was easy and the controls even easier to understand and navigate. I was always afraid I would fly it too far away and lose it, but there are built in safeguards to help prevent that. I was also impressed at it ability to capture video and photos on while flying and have had the opportunity to document some really cool videos of the family at the beach, the lake and just playing in the yard. I am also impressed with the fact it comes with it's own carrying case that is compact and easy to take on trips!! Overall I cannot recommend this product enough as it's a great value, built to last, and so much fun to use.


Paninaro: This is my second drone from Holy Stone. I had an HS700 that I enjoyed for years though I did replace the camera with a GoPro Hero 4 (it had a built-in cradle for camera swaps). It was time to upgrade to something not quite as bulky but still wanted to remain in the low to mid-price range. 

My drone arrived yesterday and immediately I was impressed with the case. Suede like feel, sturdy and compact (my old drone didn't come with the carrying case). I charged up the battery and got a bit of flight time in this morning before the weather got ugly. Of course, I added this drone to my FAA Registration account, added the label and off I went (I have a TRUST Certificate). The controller is a HUGE improvement over my previous drone. The sticks are accurate and responsive. The LCD screen has pertinent information and is easy to read. My phone sat well in the cradle to use the app. Pairing and calibration went through easily, I was in a wide-open field and I didn't have any trouble picking up satellites even with some cloud cover. I recommend the 'B4UFLY' app to ensure you are in legal airspace (always check with FAA Regs). I flew for about 10 minutes just manually getting used to the controls and the speed. This thing was very stable, much smoother making directional changes and picking up speed than my last drone. Then I only briefly tried 'Tap Fly' and 'Follow Me' in the app for another 10 minutes or so, both worked exactly as I commanded in the app. I hit the return home as the battery was getting low and it landed about a foot and half away from my pad, maybe a little less. Not bad, it was cloudy, misty and a breeze was picking up. The optical flow feature is a definite plus for landing. I think most of my crashes with my last drone were during landing. Watch out where you land. My HS700 had large landing gear, clearing the grass. This just has small rubber pads, and the props seem very delicate (comes with a spare set).

- Camera - It takes decent quality images and video from what I can tell as I'm checking it out now. Recorded seamlessly to the micro-SD. I'm comparing this to my last drone so I'm sure the more expensive drones have higher quality cameras, but the footage is crisp and MUCH more stable than my HS700, even with the Hero 4. I'm cleaning some minor stuff up in editing and smoothing out the corners a bit (still shots too). Not a lot of adjustment options to the camera so it's pretty basic but if you like tinkering in post edit, you can make improvements, but they aren't absolutely necessary so far. I mainly use my drones for vacation and hiking spots (when legally able).

- Couple more things, I flew for about 22 minutes on a charge (had a little left). It was about 40 degrees F outside, bit of a breeze with approaching rain. I'm used to carrying around a bulky drone and doing a lot of post edit with my last one. This is nice and compact and the image quality with enhanced stabilization are big improvements over my old drone. Yeah, I wish I could attach larger landing gear for field landings but I'll manage with my landing pad. Plus, I got a lot more room in my trunk now. I got this at a great price during a lightening deal, you can't beat the value versus features. I shopped this with the Ruko GIM2 (I never got a hands-on test), just based it on features, price and reviews. The Ruko has a much greater flight distance but no optical flow from what I've seen. I can't legally go that far (FAA Reg.) anyhow so the Holy Stone was the choice, plus I have found the customer service email responsive and friendly. I didn't have issues with the WiFi dropping but again, I didn't test the limits and stayed within FAA distance regulations. I wish it had another battery but at this price, I think they were keeping it cheaper with the one battery. The Ruko has two in the package but is considerably more money depending on the sale you manage to get.

- Ultimately this drone serves it's purpose for me, great features at a great price. It's a legitimate GPS drone and not a cheap toy, I look forward to getting out there with better weather and a more scenic location. I'll try to upload some shots when I do.

Package B: HS720E+HS210F】 

Click the package title to go to the purchase page. Enjoy a 25% Deal + $90 Coupon for HS720E Now, remember to enter the code " A7Q46F7N " at checkout for a free HS210F!

Drone for Senior Parents Package B 90 COUPON.jpg

HS720E Drone Highlights:

GPS Intelligent Flight Assist: Experience precision and stability with advanced GPS technology. The operation is simple and beginner-friendly, eliminating concerns about losing the drone. The smart return-to-home feature is truly astonishing, ensuring a worry-free flying experience.

2. 4K@30fps Sony Sensor Camera: Unleash the power of vivid imagery with the high-resolution Sony Sensor Camera.

2. Dual Batteries - 46 Min Long Flight: Extend your exploration time and capture more with the extended flight duration powered by dual batteries.

3. Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) Technology: Enjoy smooth, shake-free footage with the advanced Electronic Image Stabilization technology.

Powerful Brushless Motors: Soar through the skies effortlessly with powerful brushless motors, ensuring stability and control.

Seize Life's Unwritten Stories Every Day with HS720E!

Ideal Usage Scenarios: Almost same as HS720G

Insights from Holy Stone users (HS720E)

Stropey: We use the drone for aerials. Came in handy during winter months in Missouri to see the impact of snow/ice on the water. We also used it to take photo's of land being cleared. Captured the smoke from the burn piles of trees vividly. 


TabulaRasa: I've had this drone for about 2 weeks and have some experience with them. In terms of value, this is a great buy and I'm very happy with it.

The EIS function works great and the 4K images are beautiful. There is no gimbal like the higher end drones. That doesn't matter to me but you will notice it slightly when the drone turns or shifts position. My main function is flying for fun and not commercial photography or movie making so consider your purpose. Of course, you will pay a lot more for a 4K gimbal and they will be much more sensitive when bumped.

Flying is great. One feature that drove me to this drone was the controller. It has a built in display with battery levels, GPS and signal strength. It can take a photo or video just using controller buttons and that means if you want to just do a quick flight, you are good to go without the phone. It means you can launch quick. I like the unlock/lock button and the one button takeoff. The auto land works but I think it may actually follow the phone. I haven't tested this yet but I noticed on return if I've backed up on the deck, the drone backs up when coming in and I have to adjust as it lands. If it did follow the phone GPS signal on auto return, that would be pretty cool. Or it could just be a minor variance in return location. Getting within a few feet is pretty typical for a return to home feature.

This unit uses the Ophelia Go app. There are a few critical reviews of the app and it rates a +-3 in the store. Most of these are related to having issues connecting to the drone. What I've determined is that it's dependent on the phone settings. *MAKE SURE* you have the 'Wifi Preferences' > 'auto-switch to mobile data' setting turned OFF! I tested and that seems to be the setting that is causing the issues. It makes sense if you think about it as the drone will not be providing an internet connection so the phone will cut it off. That would not be the fault of the app.

Overall, I like the app. It's pretty simple and easy to use without the 10 pages of disclaimers like in the DJY Fly app. 3 clicks and you are in and the rest is completely intuitive. One feature I was delighted to find was a digital zoom. It's a little small to use but really handy to be able to get a little closer to your subject. It's not always possible to fly closer safely so that's really valuable.

One app feature that did scare me a bit was the tapfly. This is where you tap and click on a map for where you want the drone to go and it then follows that flight plan. I 'believe' it actually downloads it into the drone after you hit submit. I had one experience with this where I had the wrong directions in and the drone did indeed do what I told it to do. The problem was I couldn't get the controller to cancel it. Perhaps the app was needed to do cancel or it's not possible but I will be staying away from that until I understand it more.

The drone itself is build solid and very strong. I did have one minor issue with my camera continuing to move after I let up the button. After a bit of troubleshooting it appears to have been in the controller and all I can say is that Holystone support was incredible. They worked with me over email to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. Every time I sent an email, I got a response within hours. I always got follow up emails signed with a persons name (no form emails) and in the end they took care of the issue for me. I'm really impressed with that level of personalized service in this age. It's made me a believer in the brand as well as this specific product.

Package C: HS720+HS210F     

Click the package title to go to the purchase page.  Enjoy a 17% Deal + $50 Coupon for HS720 Now, remember to enter the code " XMPM8NOZ " at checkout for a free HS210F!

Drone for Senior Parents Package C 17%+50.jpg

HS720 Drone Highlights:

GPS Intelligent Flight Assist: Experience precision and stability with advanced GPS technology. The operation is simple and beginner-friendly, eliminating concerns about losing the drone. The smart return-to-home feature is truly astonishing, ensuring a worry-free flying experience.

2. Dual Batteries - 52 Min Flight: Extend your flight time to capture more moments with dual batteries, providing an impressive 52 minutes of flight time.

3. 4K UHD Camera: Capture high-definition aerial footage with the 4K UHD camera, perfect for documenting your beginner's journey.

4. Powerful Brushless Motors: Soar through the skies effortlessly with powerful brushless motors, ensuring stability and control.

Fly Smarter, Better, Power Up Your Aerial Experience with HS720!

Ideal Usage Scenarios:

A. Beginner's Sky Exploration: Guided by intelligent GPS technology for a smooth and controlled journey.

B. Park Practicing Precision: Hone your piloting skills in the park, Enjoy prolonged learning sessions with the dual batteries.

C. Capture Stunning Still Pictures with Crisp Aerial Perspectives, such as sunrise and sunset, natural landscapes, and city skylines, and record outdoor events with precision, inspect the roof and chimney, etc. 

Insights from Holy Stone users (HS720)

Sandro Natale: As a drone flyer beginner, the Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera was a joy to get into the drone recreational and semi-sports recording bug. I have always been my son’s football team photographer from when he was little. Now that he’s getting higher up in the league going in to Jr. Varsity I had to step up my game. They started 7 on 7 games an found the game is getting faster and taking pictures and video from the ground is not enough to help the coaches study the players and the game. I decided let’s try using a drone.

The Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera was so easy to setup when I opened the box and even easier to fly. The easiest was to ability to find online training videos. In less then 30 minutes I can say I was almost a pro. I removed the beginner restrictions and started to fly higher, further, and faster. The return home button was a life saver, the moment I saw I was losing control and orientation I hit the home button and the drone came right just like when I call my dog. Within one day I had enough flying time, about 2hrs with extra batteries I was ready to record my first game.

Being a photographer hobbyist for over 10 years with over 100,000 pictures taken I hate myself for not buying a drone 10 years ago. Wow was the first think that came to mind when I started editing the videos. The image quality, stability, zoom and 90-degree downward angle was the best. I was able to see my son’s football game from an angle never seen before. The video was good I was getting calls from other teams to record their games. Unfortunately, I do this as a hobby and only for my son’s team. I referred them all to Holy Stone HS720 Foldable GPS Drone with 4K UHD Camera and so should you.

At first, I was concerned flying a drone at a football game with so man people around I did not want the drone to fall on someone. When I started flying over the field, I was able to position myself at a perfect angle and left the drone hover at the exact same spot for the life of the battery. The only drawback was the battery life which was really 20 minutes as the drone returns home when the battery gets to 20 mins. Every time you change the battery you must resync the controller, compass, and phone which you lose time precious time during a football game. I solved this issue by purchasing two drones since the price is so slow for what you get out of the unit and 10 extra batteries for a total of $1,300 which is what a video recorded would charge for a season but from the ground. Drone recorded it was $3,500. Talk about a return on investment and I also use the drone for personal use. It helps me notice that I had some shingles missing on my roof which could have caused water damage many times over the cost of this drone.

In short this is the best investment I have ever done in video photography ever. I would give Holystone 10 stars. This is not a self promotion for Holystone I am a real customer with real-life use case and story. Take the plug you will not regret it. The only caveat, if you are in the Dallas areas and we meet at a football, I get airspace priority over the game.

【Why Choose HS210F as the Complimentary Gift?】     

1. Eliminate Anxiety, Build Confidence:

The HS210F serves as the ideal learning tool, providing seniors with a seamless transition to drone piloting. Its basic controls mirror those of GPS drones, allowing seniors to practice precise movements. Developing muscle memory with the HS210F builds confidence, making seniors more comfortable when stepping up to larger GPS drones. This not only enhances their skills but also mitigates concerns about potentially expensive crashes, effectively eliminating seniors' anxiety and preparing them for advanced drone piloting.

2. Everyday Leisure and Family Bonding:

The HS210F goes beyond being an RC drone – it's a versatile mini toy that adds a special touch to daily leisure. With its unique land mode and throw-to-fly feature, it transforms into a delightful family pastime. Seniors can enjoy playful moments with their grandchildren at home, fostering joyous family interactions. It is an ideal choice for family bonding, infusing festive fun into gatherings and standing out as the highlight of family get-togethers. It brings tons of fun and creates cherished memories for everyone involved.

Our mission at Holy Stone is to provide qualified and affordable beginner drones that break age barriers. "Dare to fly, soar to live" is not just a slogan; it's our commitment. We aspire to inspire wonder and adventure in everyone seeking to explore the world. We offer accessible drones that bring joy and inspiration into your space, unleashing curiosity to achieve dreams.

Don't let age limit your adventures. Holy Stone drones are designed to be simple, friendly, and accessible. Join us on this adventure—let's fly together and create memories that will last a lifetime.