The Most Pilot-Friendly Drone Ever for Kids and Beginners and Adults

Easy Control; Full Crash Protection; Eye-Catching Color. The Best Choice for a Newborn drone lover.

To Explore the drone world yourself; Or to Bring your family and friends into the drone world;

Let's have fun with Family and Friends!


Full Protection

The protection guards protect kids from spinning propellers and protect drone from damage.


Easy Start/ Stop

Just press down one key to start or land the drone. EASY OPERATION!


Low Battery Alarm

When the drone battery is low, the transmitter will constantly beep. Never lose the drone!


Motor Protection

Motors stop running when hitting obstacles, which can protect motors from burning out.


3 Speed Modes

Low, middle and high speed modes for pilots with different skill levels.


Altitude Hold

Altitude Hold enables the drone to hover at current height even when your hands off the controller.


3D Flips

Do tricks with 3D flips. Kids love this function. Dogs and cats like it too!


Headless Mode

Under Headless Mode, the front is always where you face. Tell directions with ease!

HS210 Mini Drone with 21 Mins Flight.jpg

Indoor-Nano-Quadcopter-with-3-Batteries Configure

These tiny and super adorable drones are best suited for indoor use and equipped with 3 batteries so that the pilots could just switch the batteries to keep flying longer.

HS210 Blue User Friendly 1.jpg

User Friendly

Altitude Hold, Headless Mode, One-Key Start,Land Make the mini quadcopter so easy to fly.

HS210 Blue Circle Fly 1.jpg

Circle Fly

Circle fly can exercise hand-eye coordination, making flying full of challenges and fun.

HS210 Blue Throw to Go 1.jpg

Throw to Go

Throw to go allows pilots to experience the wonderful feeling of man-machine combination.

HS210 Blue High Speed Rotation 1.jpg

High Speed Rotation

High-Speed Rotation makes the drone more funny and attractive.

HS210 Blue Small and Foldable 1.jpg

Full Protection

Propellers are isolated by the protection guard, which protects kids from spinning propellers and protects drones from damage. No crying toddlers!

HS210 Mini Drone SPECS


Dimension:80 x 80 x 30 mm
Flight Time: 7 Minutes x3
Charging Time:40~60 Minutes
Transmitter Range:50 m

1* Drone; 1* Transmitter; 3* Drone Batteries; 2* USB Charger; 4* Extra Propellers; 1* Screwdriver; 1* Spanner; 1* Instruction Manual

HS210 Mini Drone IN THE BOX
HS210 in the box 1.jpg


 In The Box:

 1 x HS210 RC Drone Blue

 1 x Transmitter

 3 x Batteries

 1 x USB Charging Cable

 4 x Extra Propellers

 1x Instruction Manual

 1x Propeller Screwdriver

HS210 Mini Drone DOWNLOAD
HS210 Mini Drone FAQ
  • Is it suitable for kids under 10 to fly this drone?

     HS210 is a very safe drone for kids. For kids under 10, we recommend that they fly this drone with adult supervision.
  • Does it come with a carrying case?

  • Are the rotating blades dangerous?

     HS210 is equipped with propeller guards to protect the pilots' fingers. We also recommend that kids fly this drone with adult supervision.
  • What should I do if one of the propellers stops rotating?

     Check if there is anything like hair or grass stuck to the propeller. If there is, simply remove them.
     If it's the motor that is not spinning, you may need to replace that motor. Please contact HolyStone customer service for tech support.
  • Should I perform a gyro calibration before each takeoff?

     Yes, we recommend that you do this.
  • What does it mean, when the indicator on the drone starts to flash?

     It may indicate:
     -The drone battery level is low.
     -The drone is not connected to the transmitter.
     -Drone is under Headless Mode.
  • Can I fly multiple HS210s at the same time?

     Yes, you can. Please pair the drone and transmitter one by one.
  • Can I fly it outdoors?

     You can fly it outdoors when there is no wind.
  • Max. flying time?

     7 mins per battery. There are 3 batteries in the package, so the flight time is about 20 mins.
  • Are there any differences between the red, green and blue versions?

     The only difference is the color.