HS175D Beginner Camera Drone with GPS & Brushless Motors

HS175D, Beginner Camera Drone with GPS

Model #: HS175D, Weight: 215g, Folded Size: 145x90x60mm 

 Start a new journey with HS175D, your courage to aerial exploration.
Experience effortless flying with GPS technology and brushless motors.
The triple positioning system- GPS, Glonass & Optical Flow Positioning,
ensures a user-friendly and intuitive flight, making it perfect for beginners.

GPS Auto Return

Smart RTH / Low Voltage RTH / Failsafe RTH

Brushless Motor

Quieter, High Efficiency, Longer life & Precise Speed Control

Light & Portable

Less than 250g, Foldable & Portable Carrying Case


                                Max Distance 984 feet/300m

2.4GHz Transmitter

Max Flight Distance 1640 feet/500m

Beginner Mode

Beginner friendly,Max Height:30m/98feet, Max Distance: 30m/98feet


Multi-function All in One

The drone could perform multi-functions, such as GPS auto Return, Altitude Hover, Follow Me, Waypoints, Circle Fly, Headless Mode, One Key Takeoff/ Landing, etc.


GPS Auto Return

GPS assisted flight, it can perform automatically return home when the drone lost signal, out of range or low power, never have to worry about flying it away.


No FAA Registration Required

The drone weight is under 250g,no FAA registration required. And it comes with a carrying case, the foldable fuselage design allows it easy to store and more portable for outdoor travelling.


Optical Flow Position

The Optical Flow Positioning System consists of optical flow lens modules, which acquires the position information of the drone through visual images to ensure precise positioning of the drone. The Optical Flow Positioning System is typically used in indoor environment when GPS is weak or unavailable.


More Flight Time

The kit comes with 2 modular batteries. The flight time can be up to 46 minutes, giving you more time to enjoy or work.


4K Ultra Clear Camera

4K camera with 110° wide-angle and 90° adjustable provides a high resolution picture, enable to capture a perfect shot; 5GHz FPV transmission delivery a smooth and stable videos even in high-speed or strong-wind conditions

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4K Ultra Clear Camera.jpg

Master Aerial Photography Skills with Ease

HS175D features a 90° remotely adjustable 4K UHD lens, offering 110° FOV - Perfect for Beginner Aerial Photographers! 

Beginner drone enthusiasts can practice adjusting the camera angle mid-flight using the 'Lens Up' and 'Lens Down' buttons conveniently located on the right front side of the remote control.

Experimenting with these controls enables users to discover the perfect shooting angle while refining their aerial photography skills.

Foldable and portable No Faa No RID.jpg

GPS Safe Fly and Intelligent Assistant.jpg

GPS Tech - Empower Your Flight Journey

GPS Safe Return and Intelligent Fly Assistant not only ensure a secure return for beginners, building confidence and courage in the skies, but also unleash a world of customizable flying experiences,

offering endless joy and excitement in every flight. From stable hovering to engaging features like Point of Interest, Follow Me, and Tap Fly, each flight offers endless joy and excitement, tailored to your preferences.

Transmission Range_.jpg

5GHz Image Transmission - Bring You Unmatched Views

5GHz FPV transmission ensures stable and smooth live video streaming via the app. Enjoy a real-time, lifelike aerial perspective right on your phone, adding a new dimension to your flying experience.

One-click share.jpg

One-Click Share,  Effortless Capture & Connect

Seize the moment and share the extraordinary with ease! With the one-click sharing feature, showcase your diverse landscapes to friends, expressing and reliving your unique perspectives in an instant.


Dual Batteries, Brushless Motors, Durable and Power, Double the Fun

Equipped with two modular batteries, our kit extends your flight time to an impressive 46 minutes, providing ample time for leisurely enjoyment.

Brushless motors offer novice pilots enhanced durability, efficiency, and precise control, providing a reliable and user-friendly experience for those new to flying.

Triple Precise Positioning.jpg

Triple Precise Positioning: GPS + Glonass + Optical Flow Mode - Navigate with Precision

Merging the prowess of GPS and Glonass for worldwide satellite accuracy, seamlessly complemented by Optical Flow positioning, ensuring unwavering stability and pinpoint precision in any challenging terrain. 

A perfect synergy of satellite and visual positioning for an unparalleled flying experience.

Follow me.jpg

GPS App Function: Follow Me (GPS Follow)

Activate the Follow Me function by tapping the ( Multi-functions ) icon, selecting ( Follow Me ) icon, and confirming the activation tips. The drone tracks your movement via GPS signal on your cellphone.

- Activation may be challenging with weak mobile GPS signals due to interference from buildings, trees, or mobile network congestion.

- Use this function in open areas, mindful of surroundings, as the drone lacks obstacle avoidance.

- The GPS Follow function operates within a flight distance of 164 ft.

To exit, tap the ( Follow Me ) icon again.

Point of Interest.jpg

Tap Fly.jpg

Holy Stone Drone, HS175D_.jpg

Holy Stone Drone After Sale.jpg

HS175D Quick Start.jpg

HS175D QR Code.jpg


Masterful Shot Modes for Every Occasion


Point of Interest 

Activate the Point of Interest function: Tap the ( Multi-functions ) icon first, then select the ( Point of Interest ) icon, and follow the prompt box to activate the Point of Interest function.

The moment you activate this function, the drone will record its current flight position as the "point of interest". It will then continuously circle that point anticlockwise. (default radius: 16 ft)

To exit: tap (Point of Interest) again.


Tap Fly

It is recommended to enlarge the map before drawing the flight path. 

Activate the Tap Fly function: Tap the ( Multi-functions ) icon, then Tap the ( Tap Fly) icon. 

You can tap a dozen times ( but no more than 10 ) on the phone screen to create a flight path, then submit the route. The drone will fly along the path created by connecting the points you tap in order.

Exit TapFly: by tapping (Tap Fly) again.

Avoid flying towards people, animals, or small/thin objects (e.g., tree branches and power lines) or transparent objects (e.g., glass or water). 

Note: The actual flight path and the path you draw may not align perfectly.

HS175D Real Shots

HS175D (3).jpg

HS175D (5).jpg

HS175D (7).jpg


HS175D Beginner Camera Drone with GPS & Brushless Motors SPECS
8 (1).jpg
Weight: 215 g / 7.58 oz
Dimension:145*90*60 mm(Folded); 360*300*70mm(Unfolded)
Max Flight Time: 23 minutes per battery
Max Transmision Distance:984feet/ 300 m
Max Flight Distance:1640 feet/ 500 m
Camera Frequency:5Ghz
Camera Angle:Tilt range 0° to -90°; Lens: FOV 110°
Photo Resolution:
4096x3072PP (stored in TF card); 4096x3072P(stored on mobile phone)
Video Resolution:2688x1512P(stored in TF card); 1920x1080P(stored on mobile phone)
Max Expansion:64GB TF Card (Not Included)
Charging Time:150 minutes
In The Box:1*HS175D Drone,1*Transmitter, 2*7.6V 1700mAh Li-Po Battery,8*Spare propellers, 2*USB Charging Cables,1*USB Charging Cable For Transmitter, 1*Screwdriver,1*Manual

DOWNLOAD: Android APP  |  IOS APP  ( Available for HS175D/ HS175 )   HS175D Manual.pdf

HS175D Beginner Camera Drone with GPS & Brushless Motors IN THE BOX
HS175D In the Box (2).jpg


 In The Box:

 1 x HS175D RC Drone

 1 x Transmitter

 1 x USB Charging Cable for Transmitter

 2 x Batteries

 2 x USB Charging Cables for Batteries

 8 x Propellers

 1x Manual 

 1x Screwdriver

HS175D Beginner Camera Drone with GPS & Brushless Motors DOWNLOAD
HS175D Beginner Camera Drone with GPS & Brushless Motors FAQ
  • How do I perform a compass calibration?

     1.Long press the compass calibration button on the transmitter.
     2.Keep the drone parallel to the floor, and rotate it 3 times. When completed, the rear indicator lights on the drone will flash green quickly.
     3. Hold the drone vertically with its front camera pointing up. Rotate the drone 3 times. When completed, the rear indicator lights on the drone will turn solid.
     (If the drone receives no, or very weak GPS signal, i.e. connected to less than 7 satellites, the rear indicator lights will be yellow when it is flashing or turning solid.)
  • Which cellphone models are compatible with HS175D?

     Required operating systems: iOS 9.0 or higher/Android 5.0 or higher;
      Cellphones that support 5G Wi-Fi are all compatible with HS175D.
     If your cellphone does not support 5G, you can check the WLAN type of your cellphone to see if it is compatible. If it is “802.11 a/b/g/n/ac”, this cellphone will work.
     On the other hand, if it is “802.11 a/b/g/n,” then this cellphone is NOT compatible.
      You can find info about your WLAN type using this website: https://www.gsmarena.com/. Simply enter your phone model into the search bar and hit “GO”
     Guide 1.png
     Guide 2.png
  • What if the drone cannot find any GPS signals?

     1. Please make sure you are operating the drone in an open area on a sunny day, without any interference around.
     2. Wait for a couple of minutes for the drone to search for the GPS signal.
     3. If it still doesn't find any GPS signals, please take the drone to another place and try again.
     4. This drone can also fly without GPS. You can turn off the GPS MODE via a short press of the RTH button. The drone is now in Optical Flow Mode. When in this mode, please keep the flight altitude of the drone below 6 m.
     5. The drone will switch automatically back to the GPS mode mid-flight when it receives good GPS signals again. However, a few GPS functions will still not be available.
     6. To activate them again, please land the drone. Short press the RTH button on the transmitter to switch back to GPS mode.
  • Are the motors brushless?

     Yes. The HS175D is a drone with brushless motors.
  • What's the wind resistance level of this drone?

     Our drones usually have a wind resistance level of 4 or below. But we do recommend flying drones in good weather.
  • How do I connect my cellphone to the drone's Wi-Fi?

      Please follow the steps below to connect to the drone's Wi-Fi:
     1. Power on the drone.
     2. Enter your cellphone's Wi-Fi setting, and select the Wi-Fi network generated by the drone: HolyStoneFPV_********
     3. Wait for a couple of seconds until the connection is established.
  • Do I need to register my HS175D?

     The Aviation Authorities of the United States, Canada, EU and the United Kingdom request that pilots register their drones when the weight is more than 250g. HS175D weighs less than 250g. So the pilots living in these areas don't need to register their HS175Ds. For people living outside of these areas, please refer to the local drone laws and regulations.
  • Max. Flying time?

     Each fully charged drone battery supports a max. flying time of 23 minutes.