HS110G: Solid drone suitable for children or beginners

2020-12-14 10:45 Author:Klemzy 33


I bought this drone for trips because it is small, light and in a handy shoulder bag. So here are my first impressions:

What I like so far:

-The camera positively surprised me, I like the warm colors and it have 25fps.

- With little or no wind, the drone is very stable, given that it is feather light.

- so you can get relatively smooth footage.

-the remote controller has a built-in battery and is charged via a usb cable.

-it has gps and quite a good range .. I haven't tried the limit yet, coz it was windy.

- ...of the things in the app i tried rth and follow me. and works fine.

- I didn't know that the phone can also record sound, I tried it and it works.

- It has three gears for speed and it's fun to fly if you turn off the GPS.

-it have micro SD card slot.

- when the video is on remote beeps, but it is very quiet and I actualy like that. At least I know for sure when is on.

-The camera is fixed, but I like it because it shoots at a good angle.

So, I like the purchase so far, it's true that it's a toy, but for beginners I find it quite appropriate, I don't know how durable it is because I haven't had any accidents yet. :). I have a feeling it was a good buy!

PS: The drone needs to be calibrated, before each flight, or after a fall. and you have to follow the instructions exactly ... and then everything works flawlessly.