Why the Brushless Motor so popular?

2019-07-19 09:39 Author:Holy Stone 2


Brushless motor as the name implies is to remove the brush, the internal is mainly magnet and coil, so the wear is mainly on the bearing From a mechanical point of view, it is almost maintenance-free. Its life can be tens of thousands of hours, but due to different bearings, brushless motor's use life is different.


Advantages of Brushless Motor:

1. No brush, low interference

The elimination of the spark produced by the brush motor during operation greatly reduces the interference to the remote control radio equipment.

2. Low noise and smooth operation

Without the brush, the friction is greatly reduced, the noise will be much lower, this advantage is a great support for the operation stability.

3. Less wear and tear, long life

Inside the brushless motor are coils and magnets. The wear is mainly on the bearings, which are less likely to be damaged.


In the past few years, brushless motors are mostly used in high-end aviation models, now, with the development of brushless technology and market competition at home and abroad , brushless power system is developing and popularizing at a high speed, which greatly promotes the development of drone.


Replacing brush motor with brushless motor increases the cost naturally, so the performance of HS700 is much better than HS100.