If I had known that, I wouldn't have crashed the drone

2019-08-09 10:48 Author:Holy Stone 3


A few days ago, I went flying a drone, but it crashed unexpectedly. That also breaks my heart, it's not my fault, the GPS signal shows 10, why it would be that?


Okay, after calming down, I start thinking about where comes wrong? After all, it can't fall in vain, I can learn lessons this time, please be vigilant in the following situations.


1. Don't fly higher if it drifts after taking off, it's harder to control at higher.

Even taking off successfully but drifting, we should land to clear problems. Because it can't take clear pictures and so easy to lose control if you fly high again.


2. Thinking about why drift? Whether it is calibrated or in GPS mode before take-off.

The basic operation must be correct. Pay attention to the indication of the LED light on the body and confirm that each step is completed successfully. Do not rush to the next step.


3. Why it still drifts when GPS signal shows more than 7

It may not be in GPS mode. If it is determined in GPS mode, it may be: A situation, GPS positioning of the aircraft is not accurate; B case, aircraft control is not accurate (motor, flight control board)


Be careful not to take off on the open space between tall buildings, because the GPS signal will be refracted by the tall buildings. Although the number of satellites displayed is very high, it may just a refraction signal, which is not so accurate.


A drone can't locate precisely when GPS signal is weak, if buildings around blocking the signals, please exit the GPS mode for close-range flight, if the drone with optical flow positioning is better.


4. Observe the status of the blade before takeoff. If there is an abnormality, do not ignore it.

Check if the parts of the fuselage are locked, if the blades are installed correctly, if the rotation is smooth, and if it is abnormal, these must be confirmed one by one.


5. If the picture is stuck, the signal is not very good, don't fly to that area.

If the image appears in a continuous manner, and last for a long time, indicating that the wifi signal is unstable, do not continue to fly, and it is safer to change places.


6. Be sure to be fully charged before taking off. It is not recommended to fly less than one grid.

Full power is the most basic requirement before take-off. The lack of power on the remote control will affect the control of the aircraft by the remote control. Moreover, the aircraft will not be able to fly for a long time and will enter the low-power alarm.


7. After the crash, the horizontal calibration must be successful, otherwise, it will be easy to get out of control before flying.

The gyroscope is calibrated to ensure flight balance. If there is a collision or drop in the previous flight, the internal gyroscope tilts. It must be recalibrated on the horizontal surface to ensure the balance of each takeoff. Otherwise, there may be a fly-off, runaway accident.


OK! In fact, the Holy Stone drone is very easy to control, according to the instructions in the flight manual, you can take off safely. There are only some unexpected things testing our reaction, so we must learn from each flight to fly better!