Holy Stone's Wish in 2020

2019-12-30 15:54 Author:Holy Stone 25

What happened in this week between Christmas and New Year? It seems to nobody in the family know how will the popcorn kernels in the bed and a mess everywhere. Lots of playtime, nap time, eat time...We have truly relaxed time!


But now we realize it's time to do some exploring. After all, the new year is coming! Write down the new wishes and new keywords on the note will help you to achieve it!



Holy Stone's wish is to make a big breakthrough on shooting performance in 2020. The pan-and-tilt would be upgraded, so does the image pixels! That will meet more pilots' need to close to the effect of a high-end drone. If you want to complete a great short aerial video and not cost a lot of money, please look forward to our new products!