The Language of Aerial Lens

2020-08-17 17:33 Author:Holy Stone 5

Want to take a great aerial shot? 

You have to see many masterworks, and you'll find out that they all use the language of the lens, let you know clearly about what is the most important thing the author wants to display.


Today we share 3 languages of the lens for newbie: Pull Up and Down, Fly Forward, Rotate.


If you don't know what's your target, the language will be failed. So I find out what's the suitable scene for each language, try it!


Pull Up and Down

Especially suitable for shooting distinctive buildings or tall buildings.



Fly Forward

Suitable for shooting images with a sense of extension, such as roads, rivers, trails, etc.



Rotating in place is very simple. One thing to note is to be slow, otherwise, the image will be too fast and the visual effect will be poor. From multiple targets, finally substitute a target, suitable as a transition lens.



Pick up your drone and try it!