How to Fly the Newest Flagship Drone in 2018, HS700?

2018-09-19 16:18 Author:Holy Stone 176

As the newest released flagship product of Holy Stone in 2018, HS700 is designed with best functions to provide excellent flying experience. It's drived by brushless motor, light and less wear, it's also equipped with GPS system so that there is less possibility of losing it when flying, no mention the 1080P FHD camera and 5G transmission technology to provide high-quality image and allow to control it in First Person View.

As a high functioning drone, many people may think it difficult to control and wonder how to fly a Holy Stone HS700. Since there are already some reviews for HS700, let me pick one for you to show how to fly this FPV drone.

HS700 on Ancient Bridge.jpg

Get Ready! HS700, Take Off!