How to Make a Cool Photo?

2020-01-07 17:51 Author:Holy Stone 31

Most of the great photos are edited that we called works. If you have learned some skills to edit photos, like PhotoShop or other APP, our drone is good enough for aerial photography beginners!


Firstly, basic clip and wide-angle repairing


A good photo must have the right level, don't make people tilt their necks. You need to find the subject to rotate and crop it at a balance point until it presents a normal visual Angle.


Our drone has a wide-angle camera, if you don't like this radian, you can crop it purposefully. After correcting by the Ctrl+T+ deformation function of PS or taking a better picture from the video, you definitely win over 60% of the contestants in the activity competition. Lol!



Secondly, adjust the brightness, color saturation


Due to the cloudy day, air pollution and some environmental effect, so photos may be too dark or dismal so that you don't want to share. You can then adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to give the color you want.


Especially on the beach or near the water, if you have not captured the beauty of the sky and sea, you can edit it later, like Sanpseed, which many people use.



Thirdly, use filters


Many APP has nice filters, which make images better, it depends on your own aesthetic, for example, VSCO is also a must-have APP for many photographer lovers.



Last but not least, the shooting place is important, we recommend a colorful scene, which is eye-catching. Like this one.


In fact, there are many outstanding photographers in our fans club. Welcome to share your pictures!