3 Factors Affecting the Clarity of Aerial Shoot

2020-07-15 16:49 Author:Holy Stone 10

There are more than one factor that affects the clarity of aerial shoot. Do you know what they are? Here is a picture for you to understand in a second!



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Flight stability is the first requirement.

It makes flying simple and easy to use. Our different drones use different positioning systems, with GPS or optical flow positioning. GPS is suitable for outdoor long-distance flight, and optical flow is suitable for hovering at a height of less than 5 meters or indoors. Obviously, GPS is more applicable.


In addition, the powerful motor also has great support for flight stability. Brushless motors provide strong power, low interference, and responsiveness, and are the favorite of many pilots.


Pixels and resolution also play a decisive role.

We know that the order from big to small is 4K>2K>1080P>720P, we also have different models for each level. It depends on your requirements for drones.






Stabilization camera keeps the clarity up to the next level.

There are currently three types of anti-shake technology, electronic anti-shake, optical anti-shake, PTZ anti-shake, the most commonly used are EIS, OIS, 2-3 axis gimbal.


EIS is anti-shake through image cropping compensation, which will sacrifice the resolution and size of some images, but the overall does not affect the shooting.


OIS is compensated by adjusting the position of the lens instantaneously, which is more expensive. The brightness and purity of the picture are better.


PTZ anti-shake is the most effective, but each has advantages and disadvantages. Generally, a combination of multiple methods is used to achieve satisfactory results. 2 axis gimbal or 3 axis gimbal is one of them. The 2-axis gimbal controls 4 directions, and the 3-axis gimbal stabilizes 6 directions.

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Holy Stone will also take it to the next level. This year we are about to launch a drone with a gimbal and electronic image stabilization. Bringing fans a better aerial shoot experience.