Holy Stone HS110 and HS200 with 720P HD camera

2018-09-11 08:52 Author: 144

Every good moment is worth remembering. Some good moments are belong to love, some are touched, and some are the amazing beauty of this world. If you are used to recording the good moments with your mobile phone, you might as well change to Holy Stone HS110 or HS200 this time, which will give you a different perspective to record the good moments in your life.


Holy Stone HS110 and HS200 are equipped with 720P HD camera. The stable physical cloud platform device keeps the camera stable during flight, so that the camera can brings excellent shooting performance , can clear and smooth record the beautiful scenery what you see.


This effective Altitude Hold Function allows you to release the throttle stick and the drone will keep hovering at it's current height. Easy for you to shoot quality images or videos.


It can also switch to Headless Mode, responds to the directions you specify the direction no matter how it spinning, so it display the beauty of each wonderful moment in different angles and directions, and make aerial photography easier.


HolyStone HS110 and HS200 are also equipped with advanced WiFi real-time transmission system. By connecting to the mobile phone app, you can view the pictures taken by the drone in flight from the first-person view. Feel the wonder of the world from the view of overlooking at any time and place, and follow your heart to keep the beautiful moments.