HS230 Mercury, Rush Upon to the Sky Beyond Your Imagination

2018-09-10 11:51 Author:Holy Stone 124

Life won't be exciting every day, you have to create it yourself, while those who like challenges can always find more fun. Today we will introduce HS230 called Mercury, the fastest of all planets, which is not a well-behaved drone, but a naughty guy.

Let's browse through the performance of Mercury. The maximum flight speed is 45km/h, flight distance 100m, maximum transmission distance 100m, flight time is 7-10mins. There is also a extra battery to extend flight time without waiting for charging.(But we recommend that the motor be cooled for at least 10 minutes to extend the life of the part.) It has a 3  speed mode and can be switched at will, so you can enjoy the racing experience. 

It should be noted that Mercury is a Non-Altitude-Hold drone, so that you need to control the throttle all the time to keep the drone at a certain height. This is a bit more difficult, but don't worry, you can control it in the first person view by the FPV LCD on its remote control, so that you can catch the feeling of the flying height more easily.

The LCD display can adjust the brightness of the screen at any time, allowing real-time images to be monitored without the need for a mobile phone. It's 120° wide-angle, 720P HD lens, with the 5.8Ghz transmission rate to provide more stable image transmitting, making the picture very smooth, and you can take clearer photos or videos at high speed.


HS230 Mercury have good wind resistance, take it to the park and fly with it in the breeze days.