HS 210, Enjoy the Fun of Flying in Your Hand

2018-09-08 18:14 Author:Holy Stone 89

There are many people who like mini things which look cute and exquisite, not to mention that a mini item also can fly which makes people more interested. As also a mini drone, let's find out more information about HS210.


The lightweight body of HS210 is less than 100 mm and perfectly stand on your hand, you will not want to be separated from it. This mini drone has amount of advantages. Firstly, you can play it indoor anytime, anywhere without worrying about destroying furniture. Secondly, enjoy flying with your family which is more easily accepted by children or the elderly. Thirdly, you can use it to play games, such as avoiding obstacles because those flexible propeller guards will protect the drone from being harmed.


What's more, it's also intelligent and professional.


Great altitude control gives it incredible stability and flexibility to hover in the air without the need to control the remote.


In headless mode, the direction of the drone relative to the pilot. This makes it easier for you to get started in complex conditions.


More than 20 minutes of flight time, there are 3 batteries in the box to explore the fun of more sailing. When the drone is low-powered, the body's LED light will flash quickly and the drone will land within 1 minute.


Other interesting features: Freely variable speeds also suit for flying outside. Cool to rolling in the air to surprise your friends. Many plays are very suitable for kids or adults as a gift with different surprise and joy.


Other interesting features: Automatic shifting is also suitable for flying outside. Also seeing it rolling in the air with my friends will be surprised. Many plays are perfectly suitable for children or adults as gifts, bringing different surprise and joy.