HS160 SHADOW, Portable Smart, Best Partner Travelling with You

2018-09-03 11:05 Author:Holy Stone 138

Do you want a drone like this? 

Born to be portable smart with palm-sized folding design, also equipped with the ability to record what you see at any time with a 720P HD camera, promises you a balanced flight, which makes it easy for beginners to take aerial photography. 

That is what HS160 can bring with the flying experience, reliable just as your shadow to company with your travelling journey.


For your first time to fly a drone, you may need a drone which is flexible and anti-impact, which is just HS160 designed for. The lightweight fuselage is only 83 grams, and flexible ABS material can resisting accidental impact. Also the HD camera is installed in the tiny body, so it can be protected  from .


The lens Angle can be adjusted automatically to capture more wonderful pictures of different angles. 

And in Altitude Hold Mode, it can maintain a certain flying height, and reduce shaking to make the picture clearer. 

Also Real-time images can be viewed through the mobile APP, and the 2.4ghz frequency makes the imaging smooth and stable. 

You can also go into headless mode, so you don't have to think about the direction of the flight, just focus on the shoot.


HS160's flight time is 8 Mins, flight distance is 50-70m. 

Its flight speed can be switched in 4 different speed mode, from low to high to bring you more practice space, and adapt to different wind conditions. 

Last but not least, it uses modular battery, plug in and play, to give you an efficient and convenient experience.


Just pocket it and take it with you to explore the flying joy!