Guide of flight,to prevent loss

2019-06-14 11:50 Author:Holy Stone 23

When I first try to fly HS700 with Tapfly function, I drew a small path on the map but it flew farther and farther, seems to fly to the clouds. It scared me, and I quickly pressed the button to Return Home, looking at the sky for a minute, it flew back!


All GPS drone like HS700 has Auto Return Home. It is very helpful to prevent the drone from flying missing. I believe that many pilots also feel the surprise feeling.


If you want to effectively prevent flying loss, you must fully think about it after each flight to gain experience and become an expert! I summed up the following nusual situations, hope it will help you:


1. Be sure to record the return point before takeoff.

Only by set return point, drone will know where should come back to. Therefore, be sure to confirm that the GPS satellite signal is good before taking off. Do not record the return point in sky.



2. Choose a flight area with good GPS signals.

When the GPS signal is not good or the compass is not working properly, it cannot be returned. Please try to fly in an open place, ensure that you are flying away from the open space of people, buildings and vehicles, and you can check the GPS signal status on the APP at any time.



3. Try to fly within sight.

Flying in the sight is the basic method to prevent flying missing. Because in the cloud, or the interference of the obstruction, the GPS signal will be weakened, and the drone will not be able to accurately do the return flight.



4. Zoom in the map while Tapfly.

Due to the scale, the small range on the map is actually very large, and drone may fly to a weak signal area, or encounter an unknown obstacle, just in case, it is best to put the map to the maximum to drawn a track.



5. Try not to leave the takeoff point at will.

Because the Return Home will fly back to the takeoff point. If you leave, please remember to land and reset the current position as the return point. Otherwise, when there is low/lost return, you cannot control it manually. The drone is likely to be farther and farther away from you.



6. Do not change the direction of operation in the Headless Mode.

Be sure to be familiar with the principles of this feature before using the "headless mode". The headless mode is always in front of the nose when taking off. If you change the operating position before takeoff, you will easily lose direction. P.S.: When you can't see the direction of the nose at a long distance, you can enter the headless mode and return to the operating direction when taking off, and easily fly back the plane.


7. When flying on river, if the battery power is low, replace the battery immediately.

If you fly in a wide area of the surrounding waters, there are fewer landing sites. you know that when the HS700 has one power electricity, if the flight range does not exceed 15 meters, it will land in place, and it may fall directly into the water instead of fly back to the return point.



Above all, we must fully understand the principle of Return Home on the manual, so that we will be able to adapt to any situation, and make good preparations!