The best drone as a gift for mother

2022-05-05 17:52 Author:Holy Stone 32


Mother's day is coming up!

It's every mommy's off day!

How to make them happy?

To help them clean house and dishes may be the expectation from so many moms, LoL.


We all should know, that it's a holiday that is not just about gifts and treats, but about remembering and honoring the many sacrifices moms make for their kids and family. 


So there are thousands of ways to celebrate this day, a cool mom may wanna try flying a drone to see sky views,  if you want to send her a drone, Holy Stone has some great models to recommend:


HS430: the little drone of fun.  Price: $59.99

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The small body like a mouse makes every mother who is flying for the first time feel no pressure. It has a 1080P camera, which can capture the aerial scenery within 30~40 meters, as well as APP functions such as circle flight, rollover, and trajectory flight.


HS175D: A lightweight GPS drone. Price: $169.99

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A foldable GPS drone for outdoor flying can fly up to 500 meters, it has a 4K camera for easy HD aerial photography. Safe return and smart follow functions allow mothers to unleash their creativity.


HS720G: Holy Stone's 2022 Flagship. Price: $299.99

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HS720G is a drone with a two-axis gimbal for super stable aerial video, it has a 4K camera and GPS return-to-home, easy to capture aerial views within 500 meters, has a flight time of up to 26 minutes, and has an impeccable appearance design that is perfect as a gift.


These 3 drones are picked for different needs of mothers, HS430 is just for little joy, HS175D is for practicing, HS720G for great aerial shots. There's always one for her!