Flying with All Families

2019-12-20 14:29 Author:Holy Stone 20

Looking at this family photo, the drones for the whole family are all equipped.

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photo by ‎Gary Miller‎

Don't you know how to interact with little ones on holiday? Simple! A drone can do it! They also have a strong interest in flying.


photo by WuQiu

But a drone with several thousand is not suitable for children. One is the safety issue, the other is the property issue ... so you need a safe and simple drone for the children to get started.

Drones for Kids:

Key points: with protective cover, fixed height, light and durable, close-range flight

Compatible models: HS210 Flying Only, HS220 FPV Drone


Children aged 6-14 + can choose HS210, an only flying, safe and stable aircraft that is resistant to falling and crashing. It can change speed, roll, and although it can't shoot, you can try a variety of ways to play through obstacles, race, and exercise agility.

美国站-210A .jpg

14 + year-olds can choose HS220, which has a beautiful shape to meet their aesthetic needs. As a cool toy, there are two flight modes, which can do 3D Flips when folded and shoot when unfolded, allowing children to make their own works.


Drones for Mom:

Key points: Brushed motor, GPS system, 2.4G real-time image transmission, 1080P pixels

Compatible models: HS120D lightweight GPS drone


If you like flying with drones but not so much, you can choose a drone with common configuration. This one is lightweight and do not require FAA registration, just fly out of the box and have a GPS system that can return to the sea automatically at any time.

HS120D has added recording and image following functions. Mother can lock the child as the goal, record the children's play time, and record sounds while taking videos, expressing their feelings at this moment.


Drones for Dad:

Key points: Brushless motor, GPS system, 5G real-time image transmission, 2K-4K pixels

Compatible models: HS700D stable long-distance flight


It requires FAA registration. The power is very strong and the sensitivity is better. Many of our fans choose such this drone. They are young souls who love adventure!


HS700D is a classic four-axis model, which is more stable and resistant to wind and has a long life. It can accompany you from novice to pilot, help you continuously practice manual control of the remote control lever, choose the best shooting angle, really enjoy aerial photography.


Think about the whole family going out to fly together. Is it cool and eye-catching? When Dad finishes flying, he can pick up the small plane and accompany the child to practice flying.

If you want to choose Christmas gifts or New Year gifts, A drone is a surprising choice. Let every one fly by their own exploration, fly to discover the other side of familiar things, and get more surprises!


photo by Paul Carroll