5 factors affect the flight time of drones

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The flight time is a problem that many people are concerned about. Ideally, you can fly as long as you want. But in reality, we must combine the weight of the fuselage.


In general, the fuselage of the long-endurance drone is relatively heavy. Because flight time is determined by battery capacity. Isn't the 10000mAh power bank much heavier than the 1000mAh ?


Most mini drone’s battery capacity isn’t big. Because of the heavy weight results in heavy load, which will affect the drone take-off and motor life.


In the current market, the mini drone’s flight time is 5-7 minutes. Bigger-sized is excellent in 15 minutes. Larger than 20 minutes is already above the industry level.


Therefore, it is recommended to prepare a few extra batteries to keep flying as long as you want.


There are other factors that affect battery life, such as:


1.Flight Speed

Each person's operation is different. People who like to fly freely have a fast flight speed and consume more power.


2.Wind Environment

Flying in a windy environment, or headwinds, also requires more power than usual. (It is not recommended to fly in high winds or headwinds)


3. Take Videos/Photos

If you take videos or photos of the whole process, it needs to continuously transmit signals between the camera and the remote control or the mobile phone, and it will consume more power.


4.Use Other Features On APP

The flight time will be shorter by using other features on the app than only flying, and the endurance reference in the manual is calculated based on pure flight only.


But these effects are not very big, you can see it from this pie chart.


5 Factors affect the flight time of a drone

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Finally, the experts reminder: Be sure to fully charge before you take off!


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