3 Details Have to be Said About Safety

2020-07-23 10:12 Author:Holy Stone 12


Hi guys, how many times you fly with a drone? I went flying a few days ago, and I have a few thoughts to share with you, more suitable for novices.


Understanding these 3 points first will help you stay with the drone longer!


1. Don't keep pulling full the joysticks

A drone can hover steadily after taking off, novices think that there is no risk, so they boldly pull full the joysticks and fly quickly into the distance, but it is not.

It will saturate the power of the motor and lose pressure on the battery, which may easily lead to a crash.



2. Slow operate, observe the stability of the drone

Don't just stare at the phone screen. The screen is used to compose the picture. You can check it after you plan the flight route.

If it is unstable, it is GPS signal interference. We should change direction in time. There are also strong and weak signals in the same place. So fly as slowly as possible, and give the signal a time for feedback.


If the image freezes, we can approach the drone or recall it, don't keep flying far.



3. Taking a good shot is not once done

Our goal is to take pictures of beautiful scenery. This is definitely not done in one shot. Speeds and layout can be edited later. Just slow when you fly.

Get familiar with the basic shooting techniques, firstly find the angle you want, stop steadily, start composing the picture, take a few more angles, turn left, turn right, forward, and backward, which is enough to edit a good work.


That's it for today. Do you have any suggestions to share with us? Share to our FB Holy Stone Club.