Drone Regulations in Canada

2022-07-20 16:57 Author:Holy Stone 10

Welcome to the world of drones. As a pilot, your drones share airspace with other drones and aircraft. Please comply with the local regulations and policies and fly safely.


Drone Laws in Canada

Drone pilots must follow the rules of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs). Fly your drone safely and legally.

Part IX – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems contains most of the rules that apply to drones up to 25 kilograms.

General Rules for Flying a Drone in Canada

  • 250g< Drone<25KG(including)need a license.

  • Fly Under 122m(400 feet).

  • Fly within visual-line-of-sight.

  • Away from bystanders at a minimum horizontal distance of 30 meters for basic operations.

  • Away from airports and heliports, 5.6 kilometers (3 nautical miles) from airports,1.9 kilometers (1 nautical mile) from heliports.

  • Away from the emergency operation site.

CARs Drone Registry

All drones between 250 g and 25 kg in weight must be registered. You need to be 14 years old to get a basic license and 16 years old to get an advanced license. Children younger than 14 must be supervised by someone with a license. This includes clubs, camps, and other youth groups.

Where to fly your drone

Check an interactive map

The National Research Council has created an interactive map. The map helps drone operators understand airspace and find out where to fly. It is for your convenience only.

Drone site selection tool

Areas that limit the use of drones

  • Airports, heliports, and aerodromes

  • Airport, water airport, or heliports outside of controlled airspace

  • Operations within 3 nautical miles of a Department of National Defense (MND) aerodrome

  • National parks

  • Emergency sites

  • Advertised events

  • Indoors, near and over buildings