The Language of Aerial Fly-Over Lens

2020-09-01 18:02 Author:Holy Stone 6

Hi, did you fly this week?


Holy Stone drone as entry-level is very suitable for beginners to practice aerial shots.


Those lens languages commonly used in excellent aerial shots can be tried and practiced.


We'll share the fly-over language to make your video more excellent!


It's very interesting, no matter you use 4K drone or 2K,1080P even 720P, you can practice the skill!


To use fly-over language, there must be a high-altitude building as the target. It vividly demonstrated the advantages of aerial shots that flying directly to the highest point.  You will feel gliding when you are close to the target.


After flying over the target, look up again, giving the audience a sudden sense of openness. The more difficult thing to control is when to adjust the lens angle. The target may be lost too early or too late.



For the first flight, don't rush to shoot, first check the obstacles around the flight path.


For the second flight, there is a high probability that the shooting can be smooth, and the flight will not be stopped due to uncertainty. However, if the angle of the remote control lens cannot be grasped, a third flight is required.


Using the APP function, different from "Follow Me", some models have "Image Follow" function, only the drone lens will always lock the target to rotate, and the aircraft will not follow the target to move, then use the "forward + ascend" to complete the fly-over.


No matter what drone you have, it's the right thing to practice more.