We Have Aerial Shooting Skills You Want

2019-11-11 15:21 Author:Holy Stone 19

Holy Stone always supports beginners very cost-effective flight experience as an entry-level drone brand. With it, you can practice flying skills with confidence, and if you really want to earn some income by aerial video, and it is not too late to change the advanced one. Because the shooting skills of Dji we can do the same.


Spiral Rise

While pushing the throttle stick upwards, manipulating the steering lever and practicing even rotation, you can achieve this classic shooting technique and make the picture more dynamic.


Low-Altitude Flight

The drone can not only take aerial photography, but also replace humans to capture difficult angles, such as low-altitude flying.


Simulating the perspective of the little flying insects, no longer have to bend down to shoot. (However, pay attention to the traffic to and from the surrounding obstacles. If there is in the waters, it should not be too close to avoid falling water.)


Close to Obstacle

Shooting objects at close range gives you an immersive experience. Here is a little trick. You can slowly get close to the obstacles. After the clips are accelerated, there will be a flying effect. This is a kind of shooting technique that advanced players dare to challenge. It is too late for novices to avoid obstacles. Therefore, it is necessary to use an entry-level drone to practice hands.


Watched Shoot

From near to far, from small to large, giving the audience a feeling of openness. Just let the drone face you, fly backward, pay attention to the rear obstacles, and then match a dynamic song, follow the music rhythm, repeat multiple shots, different scenes of the shooting, there will be unexpected Surprise.



It is a surround flight, especially suitable for shooting on the top of the mountain and the island. You can use the built-in features on the app, but at a slower speed, you can also practice manual operations.


360° Rotation

Take the drone itself as the center and take a video of the surrounding environment. This also requires the player to practice the steering lever at a constant speed.


It's fun to practice flying. Let's try these shooting techniques!