HS175: Very fun and very portable drone!

2021-03-06 15:14 Author:Amazon Customer 70

The drone, controller, batteries, and charging system feel quite good in the hands and feel sturdy even though the drone itself is lightweight. The case it comes with it is wonderful, much like the case that comes with the HS720 series of drones.

It's great that it comes with 2 batteries AND 2 chargers!! I do wish it had brushless motors, but that's reaching for a drone at this price point. Regardless, the motors are smooth sounding. It is quite portable and the calibration procedure at start up for the compass and gyros was straightforward and well documented in the instruction manual.


Other great features are the camera that can be aimed during flight very smoothly, micro SD card support, and the sturdy foldable design. With GPS, you get flight stability and the ability to "return to home" if you get too far out or lose sight of the drone. This functionality worked very well! For low altitudes, this drone even has optical flow!


Drones at this price-point have some quite a ways. This is a very elegant design.


This drone is quite lightweight which means it doesn't require registration in the US with FAA which is good. It does mean it is affected by wind. On my first time out with this drone it was REALLY windy...20 mph winds. Normally I wouldn't fly under these conditions with ANY drone but I was excited and decided to just take it slow and easy. I was pleasantly surprised that the drone held its position despite the high wind. It meant for pretty shaky video so I only included pictures as an example of the camera.


My only gripe with this drone is the Android app needs some work. I expect Holy Stone will be releasing updates to it because the iPhone app, which we tried on my son's iPhone 8, was more of what I expected! An app for a similar drone, the Tomzon D65, worked on android so that is worth trying until Holy Stone works out the Android app issues.


For somebody venturing into the drone hobby and starting out, this is a great drone to start with.