HS190, Another winner from Holy Stone!

2018-10-26 17:30 Author:Eric C. Watson 70

HS190 is a GREAT little drone. Another winner from Holy Stone! Incredible technology in a tiny, fun package! 

The description says that this is a drone for the kids...and so it is...even if the "kid" happens to be nearly sixty! It is easy to fly, with the altitude hold function which keeps it set at whatever height you want. Headless mode is good for new pilots; you don't have to pay much attention to which way the drone is headed so forward is always away from you and back is always toward you, right is always right and left is always left. (One caveat to that...once the drone is paired to the transmitter at the beginning of each flight, don't move or turn around, and always keep the drone in front of you, in your field of vision.) Once you've got the flight mechanics mastered in Headless mode, you can free yourself by turning that feature off. 

Now you can move around, turn in circles and fly your drone anywhere, but you have to keep track of which way the "nose" of the drone is headed. That is not too hard, because the nose has a bright white LED headlight, and red and blue LED's underneath,on the sides. You just have to remember that when the white light is facing you, the controls are reversed...forward brings it closer, back will move it further away, right moves it to your left and left will move it to your right! Once you get used to that, you may never go back to headless mode, because it is so much more fun when you don't have to stay in one place!

There are so many fun things you can do with this drone, and it is small enough to fly inside easily, so you don't have to worry about the weather. It will do flips in any direction, and the "Fast Rotation" button makes it spin in place quickly, either staying at the same height or you can move it up and down while it spins...A real crowd pleaser! Practice landing it (there is a one-touch landing button, or do it yourself) in tight spots, learn to fly it through and around table legs, or take it outside and kick up the speed for some racing fun! With the LED's, You can fly at night and easily keep it in sight. As they say, The sky's the limit!

Now, let me say a word or two about the Holy Stone Customer Service Team...Fantastic people!! To be truthful, I did have an issue with the first one of these that I bought...the altitude hold function didn't work correctly, and I had some trouble controlling it. But an e-mail to the company brought a quick response, and after answering a few questions, a new one was on it's way! The new one is performing flawlessly, and I just ordered one for my niece for Christmas! 

Tip: Don't hesitate to contact these people! They are not only knowledgeable and helpful, They are also very friendly, and genuinely want you to be happy with your drone! I own several Holy Stone drones, and if something isn't quite right, or if I just have a question, I know I can count on everyone at Holy Stone to be there for me. (SPECIAL shout-out to TIFFANY and OLIVE; both have given me LOTS of time as I learned this new hobby!) 

There is also a FB page for customers to share their comments, suggestions, questions and videos.