HS190:The elf around you, make a surprise for life

2018-09-13 17:33 Author:Holy Stone 86

Just like lovely elf, the portable folded body makes HS190 can be kept in the pocket at any time. Not only light and small, but also can make the surprise that is full of fun and romance for your plain life. Explore the joy of flying in life, and discover more possibilities.


The mini HS190 fuselage is designed with a unique integrated model, when it's folded, the fuselage axle length is about 5cm. The palm-sized fuselage can be preserved into the remote control, is more convenient and quicker to storage and use, and the size of the remote control is just as big as the common mobile phone, and each square inch is just right. It can be easily put into your pocket and easily controlled with one hand. 

The HS190 arm is designed with classic 3D folding. After tens of millions for folding tests, it is still able to maintain stable flight performance, also light weight of the fuselage gives you the feeling of flying with flexibility and precision.


There is a convenient charging line in the area where the machine body is stored, the battery of the remote control can provide charging power for the HS190 body. In this way,  you don't need to worry about the power of the drone when flying outdoors, and don't need to carry too many charging pads. This makes travel easy and convenient.