How does a Drone take off, hover and land?

2023-06-07 15:22 Author:Holy Stone 0


Welcome to our series on understanding the fascinating world of drone flight! In this series, we will delve into the principles that govern the flight of quadcopters and explore the underlying concepts that make these aerial vehicles soar through the skies. To begin our journey, let's first explore the fundamental motions of a quadcopter. Learning how a quadcopter flies requires us to understand its different modes of motion. Today, we'll focus on the crucial aspects of hover, takeoff, and land.

Take-off and land are vertical movements of a drone, take off is controlled by increasing the speed of four motors simultaneously, when the propellers spin and push air down, the reaction force is called lift. 

When the propellers spin and the total produced lift is equal to the force of gravity, the quadcopter stays in place or hovers in the air, there is no vertical movement.  

When increasing the propellers spinning speed and the total lift is stronger than the force of gravity, the quadcopter will take off. 

When decreasing the propellers spinning speed and the total lift is weaker than the force of gravity, the quadcopter will land.

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As we delve into the fascinating world of drone flight, one key concept that we encounter is the concept of lift.  

【Concept of Lift】 

Newton’s third law of motion: for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. 

The above law explains the vertical movements of a quadcopter. When the quadcopter’s blades spin, they could push air downward, then there must be an equal and opposite reaction, this reaction is a force, called lift, when the total lift is stronger than the force of gravity, the quadcopter begins to move up. It is not hard to understand, isn’t it?       

In our next article, we will continue our journey into the fascinating realm of flight and explore another intriguing concept: torque. Get ready to embark on an exciting exploration as we uncover the secrets of this fundamental force. Whether you're a young aspiring drone pilot or a beginner adult enthusiast, this article will provide you with valuable insights into the world of aerial dynamics. Stay tuned and get ready to expand your knowledge of drone flight!      

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