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2018-08-08 11:24 Author:Holy Stone 410

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Let's celebrate Holy Stone 4th Anniversary in our upgraded website!

Welcome to this new! This year is the fourth year since Holy Stone comes into being, we upgrade our official website and add the Blog board, trying to share more fun of flying drones, also serve you better with more convenient communication. To celebrate the Fourth Anniversary and thank you for accompanying with Holy Stone in the past 4 years, we prepare chances to get your own drones as the gifts. Don't miss it!


Gift 1. Discount! 30% OFF to get your drones of Holy Stone on Amazon.

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Gift 2. Free Chance to get your own drone!


Gift 3. More quickly to get Holy Stone New Flagship HS700 with coupon!


From 2018-8-12 to 2018-8-29, come and join this great party! Honers!


#To know more about Holy Stone#

Holy Stone was born in 2014,and has always believed in the spirit of “Love & Share”. We act as what we believe to spread the spirit of love in this world. As a member of Holy Stone, all of us are required to learn how to love our family, friends, company, and products. Only when you know how to love, then you know how to “share”. To share the fun of flight with your family and friends and to share the happiest moments with your loved ones.

We aim to provide high-quality products that are affordable for everyone. In production and quality control links, we understand the backgrounds of major component suppliers and have reached a consensus of a long-term cooperation with a high quality UAV assembly factory.More than 10 countries,and 981 customers receive our products everyday .Now we are the top1 at Amazon's Drone field.There's a bunch of people are Holy Stone's loyal fans who love and share our products called Honers.