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Holy Stone HS100, The Newest Released High Functional Drone, Is It The Best Drone?

Holy Stone HS100 is the newest released intelligent RC quadcopter, equipped with many  advanced functions, among which the most attractive function is the GPS system, engineered to locate the drone, never worrying about the drone flying away. The built-in high quality camera allows you to take aerial footage, besides the photographing function, Holy Stone HS100 can automatically follow you along …

Best Drone for Beginners under the price of $50

Holy Stone HS170 is another best classical drone which released in 2015 almost the same time with Holy Stone F181, and then rose to fame because of its outstanding performance among the drones  under the price of $50. It’s an excellent drone for both quadcopter beginner and expert pilot. With its powerful responsive motors and sensitive …

Why does this drone with camera keep popular for a long time?

Holy Stone F181 released in 2015, then it became maybe the most popular drone around the price of $100, it keeps popular in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Now it’s still the best choice if you are looking for a quadcopter packed with competitive specifications and practical feature at the acceptable price. What makes Holy Stone …