HS360 2.5K Camera with Gimbal and EIS


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GPS Drone with 2-Axis Gimbal

Stable aerial images are inseparable from GPS precise positioning and anti-shake gimbal. It will bring you professional-level creations, which will fully satisfy you in recording the wonderful of the journey and holiday.




Image Transmission

EIS + 2-Axis Gimbal


46 Min

2 Batteries

1000 M

Transmitter Distance



1-HS360-Stable-and-Clear -Video.jpg

Easily Get Stable and Clear Video

Equipped with the Electronic Image Stabilization and 2-axis Gimbal, HS360 is a drone with pro camera for adults that offers 2.5K Ultra HD image (2560×1440p) with stunning clarity and deep contrast.
Its FOV 118°lens and 80°adjustable camera give you a wider and clear view, what’s more, the 5GHz FPV transmission frequency characteristic (TFCC) (999 feet) can delivery an ultra-smooth, clear, and reliable image feed for every flight moment.

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Less Charging, More Flying

Including with 2 batteries, Holy Stone HS360 camera drone can support up to 46 minutes flight time, giving you endless fun. The brushless motors can resist the winds that provides you a quiet, stable and powerful fly experience.


Easy to Fly

GPS positioning and Return To Home (RTH) that keeps you from losing the drone. Altitude Hold, One Key Start, Return to Home, and Emergency Stop. HS360 drone for kids/beginners/adults is built with air pressure altitude control system.

4-HS360- Advanced-and-Interesting-Flight.jpg

More Advanced and Interesting Flight

HS360 drone for adults is featuring in auto following me function, camera locking on a subject and enlarging shots while you are flying, way points flight, point of interest flight , which can let the drone automatically fly with a customized route you set and make aerial photography easier than ever. Start more fun flight experience with just a tap!


Considerate Design

Foldable drone arms and portable carrying case make HS360 be an perfect companion for drone lovers, professional photographers and travelers. Explore the world without limitation!


One Flight, One Adventure

Bring HS360 to enlarge your vision infinitely


5GHz FPV Transmission

The 5GHz FPV transmission delivers stabilized and stunning UHD resolution through the app on your phone, giving you an unforgettable flight experience. (WLAN required 2.4G and 5G Dual Band).Just enjoy the beauty and landscapes through the APP.


Auto Follow Me and Return Safe

With GPS positioning, follow me features to automatically follow the movements of the subject being filmed and maintains the framing. Also, you can always get the live location of your drone easily, return to home automatically under emergency situation.


Brushless Motors

The 4 brushless motors run quietly and powerfully with high efficiency and hardly need maintenance, which provides enough energy to keep the drone fly stably.

Intelligent Flight

Built with Intelligent air pressure altitude control system, the drone can hover with more stability, the intelligent design ensures you a safe and stable flight.


Way-point Flight

HS360 will fly according to the path you set by tapping on your smart phone screen, to create more fun while flying.

A5-HS360-Point-of -Interest.jpg

Point of Interest

It will allow your drone to orbit around a fixed object. The feature can get more creative shots and find the beauty of nature in every aspect.

HS360 Real Shots


Customer Talk



I really like this drone. It's very easy to setup and fly. Good solid drone and controller. Shoots good stable video. I'm impressed. App for phone to view video live and do advanced navigation worked well.



Great drone well built easy to learn and worth the money.

HS360-review-A Jones.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgA Jones

This little drone is very responsive and takes great video and photos. With the gimbal the videos are very steady. Can't wait to take it when we go on vacation. Expecting some great views. Flew for about 18 minutes on one battery which was good considering it was flying in wind.

HS360-review-Paul L.png

Sample_User_Icon.jpgPaul L

Very happy with this drone it was easy to setup and to fly all the features on the app worked just fine. The batteries last for just about as long as it says.



I was very impressed with the quality of the camera, and the stabilization from the gimbal. I am excited for the warmer, drier weather, and being able to push the boundaries with what this drone can do.

HS360 2.5K Camera with Gimbal and EIS SPECS
HS360 Drone

Weight: 276g/9.74oz

Size: 11.02*8.26*2.16 Inches(Unfolded)

    5.62*3.46*2.16 Inches(Folded)

Flight Distance: 2624~3277 feet / 800~900 m

FPV Distance: 984~1640 feet / 300~500 m

Flight Time: 23 min

Charging Time: 6 hours

Operating Temperature Range:41°F to +104°F (0°C to +40°C)

Drone Battery

Capacity: 7.6V 2000 mAh

Energy: 15.2Wh

Battery Type: Lipo Battery


Operating Frequecy: 2.4Ghz

Battery Type: 4x1.5V AAA (Not included)


Stabilization: 2-Axis (Till,Roll)

Machanical Range: Till about -45° to 90°;Roll about -45° to 90°


Operating Frequency5Ghz

Lens Angle:FOV 118°

Adjustable Range: -80°~0°

Resolution in TF Card: 2.5K(2560x 1440P)

Resolution on mobile phone: Photo: 4K(3840x2160P) Video: 1920x1080P

Live View Quality: 30fps

Supported TF Card: 128GB (Not included)

HS360 2.5K Camera with Gimbal and EIS IN THE BOX


 In The Box:

 1 x HS360 RC Drone

 1 x Transmitter

 2 x Batteries

 1 x USB Charging Cable

 4 x Extra Propellers

 1x Manual 

 1x Screwdriver

 To buy HS360 Accessorries

HS360 2.5K Camera with Gimbal and EIS DOWNLOAD

HS360 Manual.pdf

 Android APP  |  IOS APP ( Available for HS360/ HS600 ) 

HS360 2.5K Camera with Gimbal and EIS FAQ
  • Do I need to register Holy Stone HS360 with FAA?

    Yes, you need to register to get an FAA number to put on it. You will also need to take the TRUST course. The course is free, the FAA registration is $5 every 3 years.
  • The differences between HS360 and HS710?

    The HS360 is equipped with 2 Axis Gimbal and 5X zoom in/out function on APP while the HS710 doesn't have it. The gimbal helps you to get more smooth video in the wind. The HS710 doesn't need registration.
  • Is the HS360 drone suitable for beginners?

    Yes, it has safe GPS return, safe beginner range, easy operation of transmitter and app, and it has more clear images for beginners to create aerial visual works.
Usual Flying FAQ
  • Can this still work with 4G network?

    The cellular network capability (ie: 4G vs 5G) has no impact on drone. The 5Ghz wifi signal is from HS720E. Old cell phones WiFi connect at 2.4 GHz while all(?) smart phones in the US can connect with other devices at both 2.4 or 5 GHz.
  • Will this work in an area where there is no cell service/internet available?

    It should. Considering the mountains may impact the GPS. You may have to initialize it in an open field, so it can find satellites.
  • Can the camera be adjusted by remote control while in flight?

    Yes, it can be adjusted from 0 to 80 degrees vertically via the controller, or slider on phone if using with the HS Fly app.