Fun Micro Drone, Excellent Drone for Beginners

2018-10-25 17:48 Author: 27

I got this HS210 for my teen daughter because she once crashed one of my other drones and she refused to try again. So I wanted her to have her own. What we found was a drone very easy to figure out and easy to use. The remote was less bulky that my other drones, compact and the controls far easier to reach. It requires 3 AAA batteries.

HS210 Mini Drone.png

HS210 easily fits in the palm of your hand and I liked that the propellers were completely encircled by plastic guards. Why? Well, I have crashed it twice and the prop guards fully protected the propellers each time. It also come with 2 USB charging cords, 3 batteries and some miscellaneous spare parts. I found that we got just over 7 minutes per full charged battery.

One of the interesting things about this drone that I hadn't expected was that, to date, the drone has not needed to be trimmed. Not a big deal exactly, but a nice benefit because my daughter's previous crash was likely due from not adequately trimming it. The altitude control is solid. The drone's responsiveness to the remote is spot on.

On my initial flight, I was surprised how slow the lowest speed setting was. I had never seen such a slow speed on any previous drone. But my daughter was actually thrilled by the slower speed primarily because it made getting used to controlling the drone very simple for her. This has given her more comfort and more confidence to fly. The two faster speeds are very speedy and really show off the talents of this little flyer.

I compare this to the HS 190, which I have. The 190 is a bit more aggressive and faster at each speed level, but not by must at speed levels 2 and 3. But the niche that the HS210 fills, and fills well, is as a beginner drone, this is especially true for the younger pilots. The smaller form-factor remote and the slower beginning speed make it an ideal choice. For about $25, this buy was a no-brainer as my daughter has now gotten back in the saddle and joining the rest of our family flying. Like my HS190, this little pocket rocket packs a great punch.